Fascinating Flag Facts

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In this video, I look at some of the most interesting facts about the flags of the world. Vexilollogy is a passion of mine and this is a video that I have wanted to make for a while now, so I really hope you enjoy it!

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Flags on beach:

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46 Comments to “Fascinating Flag Facts”

  1. brwhizz 30

    In what way does the Australian flag (0:34) lack symbolism or meaning? The stars represent the Southern Cross (in the Southern Hemisphere) and the Union Jack represents the country’s British history/Commonwealth membership.

  2. Kar Shield

    Nepal flag has shown its History, geography and Future also 😁
    As it has shown Nepal exist til the existance of sun n moon
    Nepal flag is one of the oldest flag n never deafeated by others flag

  3. Surya Shyam

    Dhanya Pal flag symbol represent Hindu style of flag call Dhwaj in the symbol of sun is the symbol of Suryavanshi the Solar dynasty and the symbol of moon is represent chandaraVanshi aur Luna dynasty two great dynasty of Hindu mythology

  4. Joaquín Dubini

    I personally questioned myself if my country's flag (Argentina) followed all 5 of the principles of a good flag:

    .keep it simple: since I was 5-6 years old, I already knew what my flag looked like, and if you ask a child of that age to draw it the most likely be abel to do so.

    . Use meaningful symbolism: The "Sol de Mayo" in the middle of the flag is an Incan symbol, which undirectly represents this land's previous inhabitors, so that is pretty meaninful!

    . Use 2-3 basic colors: there are only 3 main colors in the flag:
    – Blue
    – White
    – Yellow

    Seems simple to me!

    . No lettering or seals: there is no lettering in the flag and the "Sol de Mayo" isn't really a symbol you need to be close to identify.

    . Be distinctive or related: There is only one country that uses the "Sol de Mayo" in their flag, which is Uruguay, but they use a completlly different flag style, and the most "simillar" flags are from center american countries, tho thats ok since Argentina helped in the independence of most of them.

    That being said, I'm glad to say that Argentina follows all of the principles to have a good flag!

    Edit: also, the word "Mayo" means "May" in spanish, so…. dont think of anything weird!


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