Churros & Hot Chocolate Recipe [No Oven]

Churros & Hot Chocolate Recipe [No Oven]

How To Make Churros & Hot Chocolate Recipe [ASMR]
チュロスとホットチョコレートの作り方 [Eating sound]
●● Recipe (レシピ):
– 150ml Water
– 20g Sugar
– 40g Unsalted butter
– 110g All purpose flour
– Low heat 3 minutes
(弱火 3分)
– Wait for 10 minutes
– 2 Eggs
– Cooking oil
●Hot chocolate:
– 50g Dark chocolate
– 25g Sugar
– 120ml Milk
– 4g Corn starch
– 10ml Water
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  1. Carolyn's List

    Oddly enough, this was incredibly entertaining…despite the subtitles. Also a bit sad (I hope your cat is better!!). And definitely informative – explaining things in detail, that I would have surely thought were screw ups on my part (like adding the eggs). Really loved this!

  2. Marisol Granados

    No entiendo por que dice sin horno si se cocinan en en aceite, siempre ha sido asi , pero me gusto eso de poner la masa en el papel por que es mas facil que hecharla con la manga pastelera en el aceite y que te queden con formas extrañas.


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